Transportation & Security


Ø Bus driver + one volunteer

Ø Transportation providers must visually evaluate each  person to
ensure that they are a minimal risk to themselves and others during pick

Ø Announce that all bags and containers will be subject to search before entrance to the shelter is allowed

Ø Only authorized belongings will be allowed on the bus and at the shelter

Ø NO alcohol/ drugs / weapons and or threats will be tolerated

Ø Passengers will remain seated for the duration of the ride

Ø Any inappropriate behavior or excessive profanity as deemed by the driver could result in expulsion and or non admittance to the shelter 

Ø Shelter Rules are to be reviewed on the bus before anyone disembarks to enter the shelter.


Shelter Rules:

Ø NO alcohol/ drugs / weapons and or threats will be tolerated. A person is suspected of consuming alcohol and/ or drugs they may be subject to search and/ or ask to leave the shelter

Ø Weapons of any kind must be checked in with the team leader; to be given back upon leaving the shelter

Ø Respect one another, their property, and their space. No foul language or loud behavior

Ø Smoking will be done outside the main shelter entrance where there is a container for cigarette butts. Do not go beyond the end of the building. Once in the shelter there will be no other leaving the shelter without being accompanied by a volunteer.

Ø No visitors are allowed who are not spending the night

Ø If you leave the premises, you will not be allowed to return that same night.

Ø Respect the shelter. This is a service to you and for you; all volunteers are here to help you BE NICE!!!!

Ø Do not argue with the volunteers, respect them. They are here to help you.

Breaking the rules may result in asking you to leave the shelter or having the police remove you.

Security:  A sign for the shelter will be place outside the front door of the building; a volunteer will be stationed at the front entrance of the building to guide people to the back of the building to the shelter entrance volunteers should be rotated every hour or as directed by the team leader (TBD). Clients are not allowed beyond the steel hallway gate with out and escort at anytime. Leaving or wandering outside designated areas can result in expulsion from the shelter.